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Nov 8, 2012 7:30am PST
, henry. - hi, mr. washington. - heard you were a big hit last night. - yeah, well. thanks. - sorry i couldn't make it. - that's okay. well, victor, i was just about to give up on you. i'm sorry. it's just that there's always so much paperwork. i can't seem to catch up. how many times do i need to tell you ? slow down. leave a little time for the really important things. you mean, like our chess game ? exactly. thank you, katherine. i can't believe you're really leaving this place. me neither. i hope you and carol will be joining us for the going-away party tonight. i wouldn't miss it for the world. of course i do. it's just that jihan is not yet convinced we should go back to cairo. when do you fly back ? all right. i will call you soon. - what did i tell you, victor ? - not so quickly. you haven't won yet. oh. you'll have to excuse me, jess. - but it's your move. - this will only take a minute. so, what have you got for me today ? - rice, olive oil and tomato sauce. - ah. very good. thank you. see you next week. excuse me, mr. brashov. i'll be on vacation next week, so i've got to
Nov 15, 2012 7:30am PST
'm jess washington. the best customer in the entire world. it's nice to meet you all. i hope you find these as good as you remember. thank you very much. - senor sanchez. - mr. brashov. hombre. rosa says you are like a father to her. she is better than a daughter to me. i don't have to pay her bills. so, what brings you to the states ? rosa. actually, he's on his way to a conference in new york. in fact, we are only speaking english when miguel is here so he can practice. i have been in the states more than 30 years and he speaks better english than me ! come on in. carrie ? are you here ? i guess not. well, this is it. not exactly a palace but it's okay for now. - it's very nice. - how about something to drink ? water would be great. i brought something for you from home. miguel ! it's beautiful ! it belonged to my mother and to her mother before her. thank you. rosa, please sit down. there is something i want to talk to you about. now that i have finished architecture school-- - oh, hi. - [ rosa ] hi, carrie ! this is miguel. miguel, this is my roommate,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2